We will talk about Token. But first what is the relationship with the CyptoCoins? A Token is a token system that comes in anticipation of the creation of a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Private Electrum Claim) and is a way to raise funds, to offer the future currency to a set of investors.It comes totally replace Crowdfunding tools (most take between 5 and 15% of the amount collected) but the principle is the same. In exchange, you receive Token which will be converted to a crypto-currency in the long run.

How to recognize a viable project?

The most important criteria are the team, the project, the  roadmap, the competitors.

Most actors offer all these data. We advise you to read the projects well, to imagine their implementations, to inform you on Internet and to follow the tendencies.

Then you have to ask the following questions:

  • Is the project feasible?
  • Is the project essential?
  • How long will it be operational?
  • Is this a new idea where the adaptation of an existing system to the BlockChain?
  • Who are the competitors?

Where to find and analyze Token?

There are several sites proposing ICO rankings. An ICO is a kind of fundraising cryptocurrency.

Who is interested in Token?

Depending on the typical profiles of cryptocurrency users we have established, there are several possibilities.

Exchange the Token because the service interests you The Cypto-miner

Buy the Token to speculate on the service The Crypto-Trader

Trading Tokens to Diversify Currencies The Crypto-Minder

What are the existing tokens, which do we recommend?

There is an incalculable number of Token today. The acceleration of the growth of values ​​such as Bitcoin and Ether is a real advantage for companies with projects. But it is mainly the usefulness of Blockchain (Bitcoin Private Electrum Claim) that interests these entrepreneurs. It is important to note that we are talking about the future technological standard and that it can apply to all areas! What will be the next ICO with great potential? Our profile Crypto-minder wants to diversify its gains in order to avoid losing profits quickly because of the great volatility of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin Private Electrum Claim) at the moment. Stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter to not miss any information. We also advise you to do your own research, do not hesitate to comment and tell us about your discoveries.

How to trade currencies and cryptocurrencies?

What are the most reliable sites? Difficult question, but it seems that certain sites pull their pins like Kraken, Ava where Coinbase , the first seeming more secure especially at the level of registration / connection (we ask more than a password secure). We have not yet tested Ava and Coinbase but the reviews are rather positive.

We did not use them (just an account created) because for now we are only creating, implied undermine, cryptos. It is obvious that an individual without basic knowledge of trading or stock market will be plucked. Many articles talk about it and several traders or ex-trader. If the notion of leverage, max and min terminals or what is an index value, do not go further! It’s the fastest road to ruin.

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