For many people, whether for entertainment or for business travel, it has become the norm. However, as airlines try to cut service fees and food at the starting line, and check in the service charges such as baggage and seats, it seems that we all have to endure the tragic insults of the bus on the ticket. The price is low.

Where are we?

You see, flying coaches are not necessarily a nightmare. You only need to know how to choose your airline, choose your seat and bring the necessary facilities, which will have a major impact on your flight. So let’s rely on the way you can travel comfortably with your coach.

In general, Asian and Middle Eastern airlines provide far more services than North America and Europe. The butler really pays attention to you, the seat is more comfortable, you may want to know what the second meal is. First class has a bed, shower and nightwear. Are we flying or are we here?


  1. Kay Pacific: Passengers can order a bowl of instant noodles at any time during the flight. Even better, the bathroom can accommodate up to 8 people and has windows.


  1. Qatar Airways: Known as the “world five-star airline”, Qatar has satellite TV. The food served includes foie gras, caviar and smoked salmon. Qatar Airways Business Class


  1. Singapore Airlines: Singapore is a very clean and unique place, and its airlines are no exception. Singapore Airlines passengers are not only in first class, but also in suites with 35-inch Italian leather seats and separate beds.


  1. Asiana Airlines: This Korean airline was recently named the airline of the year at the 2010 International Airline Awards Ceremony in Hamburg, Germany.


  1. Air New Zealand: Air New Zealand won only five awards in 2010. These include Conde Nast Traveler’s vote for preferred long-haul leisure airlines and air transport world airlines of the year.


  1. Etihad Airways: Etihad Airways offers such an exceptional experience, transforming the economy, business and first name into coral, pearl, pearl business, diamond first class and diamond first class suites. Obviously, they know that gems are the way to anyone’s heart.


  1. Emirates: “A special journey from start to finish.” Courtesy cars with drivers are available for first class and business class passengers. Book your flight and book online at rest. Everything is very careful.


  1. Thai Airways: For those passengers who are fortunate enough to take the Royal First Flight, Thai Airways passengers will enjoy the privacy and friendly hospitality of the independent cabin. You can choose from a wide range of wines and champagnes, then close your eyes and dream about where you are going.


  1. Jet Airways: Jet Airways is India’s best international airline and one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. Your international staff has learned extra effort to make you feel comfortable and happy.

Stealing can be a heavy burden. This has become a daunting task before going to the airport, passing security, and then spending hours of unpleasant and outdated flight. but it is not the truth. Obviously, all of us can’t use the First Class option, but with Asian or Middle Eastern airlines driving the economy, you’ll feel like First Class. Service, seating, food, everything must be emphasized.

Choose your seat carefully and register as early as possible

The gap between the bulkhead or the outer leg can be as wide as the business class of some airlines. However, more and more airlines charge extra fees for these routes, ranging from $5 to $75, depending on the airline. So you may have to resort to your judgment. The starting line is almost always worth the extra money; but the disadvantage of the first row is that it is a bit too close to the sink to ensure comfort.

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