A small journey through time through the centuries shows: For many famous personalities, from the mafia boss to the violin virtuoso to the Hollywood star, the game of life includes the dice, cards or roulette ball.

The list of personalities who would like to decide the lot or roll the ball or leave it is long. Some try to hide their passion, even a pope, Pius XI, should have financed his theological studies as a croupier in the early 20th century, and emperors and kings of all ages made their decisions in the dice game and at the roulette table.

Gambling has become a fate for many a big name. Such as Andre Citroen, France’s car pioneer. In the glamorous Deauville casino เว็บแทงบอล, he won a lot of money playing baccarat, but lost even more. At the end of his life he was completely broke. And he was not the only celebrity with this fate.

Casanova – the lover of the millennium

The people, whose names have developed a life of their own and whose fame has survived the centuries, were kings, politicians and artists. Giovanni Giacomo Casanova is no heroic legend, no historical statesman and no outstanding artist. Or, he was probably the most famous life artist we know to this day. Of course, gambling is also part of a real bon vivant. And indeed, he was a passionate lover and a passionate player.

It is hard to believe that his story begins as a priest in the mid-18th century. The great Italian lover wanted to become a priest on the advice of his grandmother. And he almost became so, he had already received the lower ordinations. But his zest for life was unbreakable. He toured Europe and the Orient, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes to flee jail or angry rivals. He chatted with the Pope and was arrested, he met Catherine the Great and broke out of prison on his second imprisonment. He worked as an orchestral violinist, spy and even became director of the French lottery.

Nowhere did he last long, usually he had to flee for fraud or forbidden love affairs. For example, he had to leave Poland because he had delivered a pistol duel in the dispute over a woman. He stopped at no women, even two nuns he should have seduced during his spiritual career. He never married, but he had an indefinite number of children, which nobody knows so well. Not only did he become a lottery expert, but he was also a permanent guest in the casinos เว็บแทงบอล of Europe. Especially the card game Pharaoh had done to him.

Even a game strategy, Doubling, was named after him Martingale de Casanova. If the player loses in a coup, he will double his bet on the next round until he wins and recovers the loss in one fell swoop. Then he puts only one piece again. Casanova operated this strategy sometimes successfully, sometimes in vain, depending on how much game capital he could raise.

Not only did he play with his own money or that of his patrons, he was not too sorry for his lover’s money either. He tells in his memoir how he makes the diamonds of one of his lovers – with their permission – into money and, unfortunately, loses everything. The two were planning to run away together. Due to his bad luck in the game, he also had no luck in love, from the common flight was nothing.

As he got older, he calmed down and devoted himself to writing. In his memoirs he recorded his eventful life and his numerous affairs in detail – this made him the forefather of all “Casanovas”.

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